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beko ALLCON 10 PU construction adhesive


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310 Milliliter

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The Allcon 10 is a 1-component construction adhesive on a polyurethane basis. Can be used indoors and outdoors. High water resistance - class D4. Very high initial adhesion and end load. Silicone and solvent-free, aging resistant and chemical resistant to a large extent, can be painted over. Foams slightly during curing. Very good adhesion to metal, wood, concrete, masonry, natural stone, ceramic, hard foam, styrofoam, many plastics, coated boards, and much more. Sand, clean and slightly moisten plastics and metals.
Color: beige.

Technical data

Skin formation approx.3 minutes
Curing speed 1 - 2 mm/24 hours
Opening time approx. 3 minutes
Press time approx. 10 minutes
Tensile force once curing has been completed approx. 20 kg/cm² depending on material
Temperature resistance -40 °C to +80 °C
Shelf-life 18 months after production date in cold and dry storage.


- easy handling
- weather and aging resistant
- resistant to many chemicals
- frost-proof
- for almost all materials
- compatible with natural stone
- complies with DIN EN 204 D4 (waterproof bonding), in accordance with WATT 91 (+80° C).

PU products contain isocyanate and we recommend using disposable latex gloves when processing non-cured material.

The Allcon 10 PU construction adhesive is used to bond wooden panels, chipboards, fiberboards, MDF, coated panels, metals, aluminum, natural and artificial stone, concrete, marble, ceramics, plastics, plasterboards, foam (EPS), hard foam, acrylic, insulation and many other common building materials.