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Fischer aerated concrete anchor FPX-I, FPX M 10-I


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Dowel length 75.0  mm
Drilling diameter 10  mm
Type FPX M 10-I 
Screw-in depth min./max. 10 / 15  mm
Borehole depth (Min. depth of drilled holes) 95  mm

Technical approval

European Technical Approval for aerated concrete in compressive strength class 2 to 7 N/mm², aerated concrete wall and ceiling panels in compressive strength class 3.3 to 4.4 N/mm² and paneled aerated concrete masonry, e.g. plastered, tiled, wallpapered, etc. M 6 - M 12 ETA-12/0456.


The Fischer FPX-I aerated concrete anchor makes automatic and 100%setting control possible. The enclosed hexagonal pin is automatically released from the anchor once optimum expansion has been achieved. With the 4x expansion of the anchor, the aerated concrete is sealed at the four wings, thus creating an undercut.

Assembly instruction

Every pack includes a hexagonal wrench for expanding the anchor. Insertion in high-strength aerated concrete is also possible by doing pre-drilling. Cleaning the borehole is not necessary.


- no borehole cleaning necessary
- higher level of comfort during installation thanks to simple deformation-controlled expansion by means of a battery-powered screwdriver or ratchet (no tightening torque necessary)
- maximum safety during installation thanks to automatic setting control
- high tensile and shear loads thanks to unique 4x expansion
- as the sole steel anchor, enables safety relevant attachment in aerated concrete.

Galvanically zinc-plated screws in minimum strength class 4.8 are to be used. The fasteners are not included in the price of the Fischer aerated concrete anchors.

The Fischer FPX-I aerated concrete anchors are used for the safety relevant attachment of objects in aerated concrete. Ideal for a number of applications in dry interior spaces such as fixing suspended ceilings, cable lines, pipes, ventilation ducts, railings and handrails.

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62051610 FPX M 10-I
62051612 FPX M 12-I
6205166 FPX M 6-I
6205168 FPX M 8-I