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Rafter anchor right/left


per 100 pieces

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Dimensions H x W x L 210 x 32,5 x 2  mm
Number of holes Ø 11.0 mm 14 + 14 
Material Hot-dip galvanized steel 
Surface feuerverzinkt 
Type SPF210LR-B 

Technical approval

European Technical Approval ETA 08/0193.


Time-saving thanks to single-row nailing. One anchor for left and right arrangement. Optimum nail arrangement diverts arising forces. Clear identification of the installation position ensures proper processing.

Assembly instruction

The rafter anchors are fastened with anchor nails 4 mm Ø in load carrying capacity class 3 C. Further details according to DIN 1052 or the technical documents of the manufacturer.


- significantly fewer nails for the same supporting values in comparison with two-rowed anchors.

Rafter anchors are primarily used to tightly connect two timbers that intersect each other at a right angle. Also to secure rafters to hall girders and to transfer permanent loads, such as those of an attached beam, to rafters.