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LISA - C-parts safely in view

Logistics Information Service Application

With the "LISA" information system, we offer our Kanban customers an online evaluation option for master and movement data from delivery systems. With the web application, you can call up comprehensive information on your systems and then perform targeted evaluations. This makes your C-parts management even more transparent, while also allowing you to keep an eye on all important information thanks to the figures being updated on a daily basis.

Important features

  • Article search and overview
  • Comprehensive evaluation options, such as high and low runners
  • Excel export function with automatic name assignment per selection criterion (container data and statistics)
  • Responsive web design (for mobile devices)
  • Multilingual interface (German, English, and Italian)
  • Your K&K contact person (office staff and field representatives)

Overview of the project master data

  • Annual overview – delivered items/containers
  • - Project information (supermarkets, products, containers, and warehouse locations)
  • Overview of supermarkets


  • Exporting consumption statistics at company and/or warehouse level
  • Defining project master data, such as container information and customer/supplier numbers

Container information

  • Supermarkets, warehouse locations, and container type (filter)
  • Article, customer part number, article characteristics (DIN, surface, dimensions, quality, and designation), and container reference
  • Container overview and container search function

The benefits for you

  • Free-of-charge use for Kanban customers
  • No software installation required
  • Access to data that is updated daily
  • Item/container overview across multiple supermarkets and warehouse locations at a glance
  • Comprehensive information on your Kanban system